GÄRSNÄS – Iconic Swedish Design

All time Scandinavian favourite furniture brand GÄRSNÄS is broadening their horizons and is finally also available in Germany! This is definitely worth checking out.. you can find them on MONOQI.com for a few more hours..
I’ll just let the images do the talking..
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THAI & TECHNO – Spring Edition

Hello darlings. The time has come for the great team of Opal Collective to have another Thai & Techno event. Prepare yourself to transform your Friday night into a food and music affair of modern Thai street food, Thai­-inspired cocktails and deep techno. We had the privilege of being invited to a pre-dinner and had the opportunity to taste all the delicious food Thai & Techno will have to offer. Everything tasted divine and we just can’t wait to go and try it all again. Now if that’s not enough, you will be happy to know that The Thai & Techno­ Spring Edition Cocktail Bar will be lead by a team of mixologists who will be making fantastic Thai flavoured cocktails.

So if you are free next Friday night I suggest you skip down to FluxBau and enjoy some fantastic food and deep techno music.

Thai and Techno -Sriracha Thai and Techno - vegan sukiyaki noodles 2 Thai and Techno - vegan sukiyaki noodles handheld Thai and Techno - pad Thai rolls with tamarind dipping saunce Thai and Techno - Massaman curry (1) Thai and Techno - Rad Thai cocktail Thai and Techno - black rice pudding 2

Where: FluxBau ­ Pfuelstr. 5 10997
When: Friday, 27 March 2015
Time: 18 ­ late
Cost: Entry 2€ before 11pm, 6€ there on after


Hello all, welcome to our new updated version of Flamingos & Foxes! We have been making many changes to the blog recently and decided we wanted to make it easier for all of you to search in a more categorized way. The prefect travel guide blog for the most vibrant cities of Europe right now, Berlin – Stockholm – Reykjavík! We will also share our favourite spots and places in other cities and countries when we travel – all to make it easier and more fun for you experience the world with us. We hope you all like the new look and concept!

Today we want to show you a restaurant we visited the other day. The place is called Prince and is situated in Berlin, Mitte and is a Asian tapas restaurant. We truly recommend this place if you are a group of friends looking for a fun place to go to. The cocktails are fantastic to say the least. For Berlin the price is bit higher but you get what you pay for and more.

We also wanted to tell you about this cool app we booked the restaurant with. It’s called Quandoo and you can book a restaurant directly through the app on your phone. It’s so much easier to have that option of booking through your phone instead of calling each restaurant when you are looking for a table.

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A Day’s March – New Swedish Men’s Wear

A new favourite of ours is this Swedish Men’s fashion brand called A Day’s March. Available online (unfortunately only shipping within Sweden so far) and in their own store on Kungsgatan 3 in Stockholm. Their design is refreshingly simple and clean, with great quality and good prices. Definitely the tip of the month for new great fashion!Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 19.42.49adm1 adm2 Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 19.57.21 adm3 adm4 adm5


Take a walk – STHLM

When visiting Stockholm for the first time, I believe walking around by foot is the best way of experiencing the city. There are many beautiful pathways and walking lanes to choose from as Stockholm is built on thousands of small islands, but in this post I’ll tell you about my favourite walk, combining stunning views and amazing shopping streets in downtown Stockholm.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 13.40.43

Start your walk on the island called Kungsholmen (subway station: Fridhemsplan) and the beautiful shoreline street Norrmälarstrand, from the west walking east towards the city hall “Stadshuset”. Take your time to see the city hall before heading further east towards the old town “Gamla Stan”. Stroll around and make sure to see the famous square “Stortorget” in the middle of the old town.

From here, continue south and walk the bridge over to the southern island, Södermalm – home of all hipsters. Now you’re on your way to some amazing views of Stockholm – just head west from “Slussen” through the old streets of “Mariaberget” (Bastugatan, Tavastgatan & Bellmansgatan) to Monteliusvägen – the stunning walking path high over “Södermälarstrand”. From here you will be able to see the whole walk you already done, from “Stadshuset” to the old town and the bridge over to “Södermalm”.IMG_4356_Fotor

Walk along this path and make a circle to the left, walking back on Brännkyrkagatan towards “Slussen” again. Walk south through the park “Mariaparken” and head left on St. Paulsgatan towards the shopping street “Götgatsbacken”. Take your time to visit the shops here (Weekday, Monki, Hope, APLACE, H&M, GRANIT amongst many others) and continue walking south on “Götgatan”. Further down you can make a quick stop at the mall “SKRAPAN” for some more shopping, and after that head left on Skånegatan or Bondegatan, walking through the hipster area called SoFo, ending up in the small park “Nytorget” where you will find a selection of the best cafés, restaurants and concept stores. Happy walking!

Neue (Holy) Heimat

Hello my darling readers. If you haven’t already been to Neue Heimat or what it’s now called over Christmas time, Holy Heimat you must check it out. Situated on Revaler Str. 99 in Friedrichshain, Berlin. In Neue Heimat you will find fantastic food, good music and a nice designer market every weekend. And now over Christmas time they are having a lovely Holy market where you can get warm with the famous Glühwein. Last two times I visited I took some picture to share with you all.

S0393180_Fotor_Fotor S0553095_Fotor_Fotor S0573204_Fotor_Fotor S0603101_Fotor_Fotor S0653109_Fotor_Fotor S0723122_Fotor_Fotor S0753126_Fotor_Fotor  S0733223_Fotor_Fotor

Annetta xx