Fischfabrik – Berlin

Good morning dear readers and a happy Easters to you all. Yesterday I finally went to a restaurant I’ve been hearing good things about. The name of the place is Fischfabrik and it’s located in Prenzlauer berg here in Berlin. Fischfabrik is as  homie as you get and the staff is incredibly friendly. But the main reason for why you my dear readers should go there is because the fish is fantastic. You can order everything between a salmon salad to a full kilo of lobster and while you sit there enjoying your glass of white wine you watch the chefs at work. And if you want to have a crack at it yourself at home, you can also buy fresh fish there and take it with you. I truly recommend this place to all fish lovers out there.

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Annetta xx

Switzerland – Brienz

Happy Friday and Easter sweets! Oh, today I’m going to show you the most beautiful place I have ever seen in real life. This magical spot is located in the very middle of Switzerland, right between the high mountains by the lake Brienzer See. I was completely astonished by this village and I couldn’t believe how amazingly beautiful it was. We spent some good hours just walking around enjoying the views, trying to wrap the whole thing around our minds.

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Oh the white shirt

Hello dear readers. The white shirt trend has without a doubt been coming back like you have probably been noticing in many shops and blogs, not that it ever left completely. And I like so many others am obsessed. I just bought one oversized white shirt in Zara the other day and already I’m longing for a new one. Maybe smaller. With a good fabric they just feel so comfy and the look is always very classy, I think. Here are some pictures I gathered from Pinterest with the beautiful white shirt.

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Annetta xx

Switzerland – Montreux

Happy Wednesday sweet readers! You all know I spent the weekend in Switzerland, and today I’m going to show you some pictures from my first day there. My lovely friend Maïka picked me up at the airport in Geneva and then we drove to Montreux, this beautiful little city on the other side of Lake Geneva. I was shocked by the landscape and I couldn’t wrap my mind around how beautiful it was. We spent some hours by the lake, sunbathing and eating ice cream.

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Summer is near

Good morning my dear readers. I hope you have had a good start of the week. At least I have, but mainly because i’m looking forward to a nice Easter weekend. Last Sunday like so many others we had such a beautiful weather. It was a little windy though but since I’m from Iceland I am very used to that sort of weather and the wind in Berlin is always pretty weak. I was so amazed by all the trees on my Sunday walk because it looks like they have all bloomed in one night. Everything now is so green and beautiful and every day it smells more and more like summer in this wonderful city. Next thing on the to do list is definitely to get my bike out of the basement. I took a couple of photos on my Sunday walk for you my dear readers.

DSCF1532_Fotor DSCF1535_Fotor DSCF1538_Fotor DSCF1540_Fotor DSCF1541_Fotor DSCF1542_Fotor DSCF1548_Fotor

Annetta xx

My new sneaker love #2

Happy Monday sweets! So I’m back from a lovely weekend in Switzerland. It all was just as amazing as I had hoped for; the weather was warm and sunny, the landscape breathtakingly beautiful and the people were so, so sweet. I had packed way too warm clothes and I just couldn’t wear my Dr. Martens. My friend Maïka showed me her Reebok sneakers, and I fell in love. So on Saturday we went to buy some Reebok Classic Nylon sneakers for me! And here they are! I am just so super happy with them!

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