My Outfit

Hello darlings. It’s been a long time since I made an outfit post, so I thought I’d do something about that! I wore this outfit on my latest Sunday walk. I just love mixing a bohemian style with simple things. And that’s just what I did with wearing my Icelandic wool sweater with a long black blazer. Next blog post will be about a fantastic place I found last Sunday!

S0253044_Fotor S0393067_Fotor S0403068_Fotor S0423074_Fotor S0793132_Fotor

what I wore:
Hat – & other stories
Scarf – Broke + Schön
Jacket – Topshop
Sweater – handmade
Jeans – Topshop
Shoes – Zara

Annetta xx

Stockholm – Ångbåtsbryggan

Hi dears, so sorry for the lack in posts recently.. To make it up to you, I’m showing you one of my newest and dearest favorite restaurants in Stockholm – Ångbåtsbryggan (the steamboat pier). This cute little place opened a little more than a year ago and is both an amazing restaurant as well as a steamboat museum with one of the old steamers tied to the side. You can visit the ship and inspect it’s every 19th century old corner – or rent it for a longer journey. The restaurant on top of the pier serves delicious small dishes – called “duets” based on two main ingredients. The food is modern and scandinavian with a lot of love and genuineness.

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A Weekend in Prague

Hello sweet readers. I apologize for a lack of blogging over the last weeks. Ellinor and I have been a little busy, but hopefully we can make it up to you in the coming posts. I wanted to tell you about my trip to the amazing Prague. It was my second time there and definetely not the last.  It only take a bit over three hours to drive from Berlin and so we drove in the beginning of September and stayed for three days. Prague is such a beautiful city with some many fun things to do.  The number one thing me and my boyfriend look for in a city is nice restaurants and beautiful attractions. And Prague has it all. We were lucky with weather and walked around the whole city. We ate fantastic food and the best part is that Prague is ridiculously cheap!! We usually paid maximum 2 euros for a big glass of fantastich Czech beer and a meal in a good restaurant was always well under 10 Euros. Like always I’m sharing my photos with you.  Ellinor and I are going to be focusing more on our travel posts in the future so if you like them please let us know.Hope you like them.

IMG_2696_Fotor IMG_2687_Fotor IMG_2680_Fotor IMG_2653_Fotor DSCF2847_Fotor IMG_2597_Fotor IMG_2602_Fotor IMG_2612_Fotor IMG_2638_Fotor DSCF2836_Fotor DSCF2830_Fotor DSCF2816_Fotor DSCF2701_Fotor DSCF2702_Fotor DSCF2720_Fotor DSCF2731_Fotor DSCF2732_Fotor DSCF2745_Fotor DSCF2688_Fotor DSCF2700_Fotor DSCF2675_Fotor DSCF2627_Fotor DSCF2660_Fotor DSCF2657_Fotor

Annetta xx

Happy 1-Year Anniversary!

Wow! Time flies and it has now been raining flamingos and foxes for one whole year! Do you remember this post for instance, when we just launched? So much has happened since and the direction of our work has become more and more clear. We are so happy and proud about this all and would like to thank you all for following and reading our little blog!




DSCF8607_Fotor photo 2 (1)_Fotor DSCF2040_Fotor_Fotor_Collage
DSC04239_Fotor_Fotor_Fotor_Collage IMG_2150_Fotor_ DSCF2430_Fotor IMG_1802_Fotor_Fotor_Collage1_Fotor DSCF2463_Fotor



Warmest greetings from Berlin!
Ellinor & Annetta

Berlin – KaDeWe

If you’re looking for really good ingredients for a dish you’re making, I would like to introduce you to the upper floor of KaDeWe; the luxury department store in western Berlin. Here you can stroll around in a beautiful setting, finding pretty much all things out there when it comes to food. Are you too hungry for going home cooking, you’re also free to stay at any of the restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal. That’s what I do when I go – seek up one of the seafood restaurants, order something really spectacular and just enjoy!

IMG_4702_Fotor IMG_4681_FotorIMG_4682_Fotor IMG_4647_Fotor IMG_4679_Fotor
IMG_4673_Fotor IMG_4659_Fotor IMG_4698_Fotor IMG_4690_Fotor IMG_4684_Fotor IMG_4665_Fotor


My outfit

Good morning my dear readers. Today I want to share with you an outfit I wore in Prague last weekend. Prague was fantastic and I will be making a post about the beautiful city this week.

DSCF2800_Fotor DSCF2795_Fotor DSCF2796_Fotor DSCF2792_Fotor DSCF2804_Fotor DSCF2803_Fotor DSCF2802_Fotor

What I wore:

Sunglasses – & other stories
Jacket – Zara
Bodysuit – h&m
Sandals – Birkenstock
Watch – Daniel Wellington
Necklaces – & other stories

Annetta xx

Vacation getaway – Trosa Sweden

Today I’m going to show you one of my all time favorite places in the world. The small, cute and tiny town called Trosa in Södermanland, Sweden. Located on the east coast, just about an hour south on Stockholm, it’s easy to get here with either the direct bus from the inner city of Stockholm or with the train to “Vagnhärad”, and from there with the local bus. How ever you decide to get there, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. The town is famous for it’s cute wooden houses in traditional red and yellow which winds along the river through the center of the town. In the summer Trosa completely explodes with tourists traveling by boat to settle down in the harbor for a relaxing time, either in the town or anywhere in the neighboring area. There is for instance the old palace of Tullgarn or the hiking route called Sörmlandsleden, which I’ve already been showing you once. For the stay, there are many nice and old style hotels around, but my three best tips inside of Trosa would be the following; Trosa Stadshotell & Spa, Bomans and Ågården. The best restaurant according to me is the super cosy and high quality fish restaurant called “Fina Fisken”. Take a look at the pictures below and plan a visit for early autumn or spring/summer next year!

DSC04557_Fotor DSC04552_Fotor DSC04582_Fotor DSC04560_Fotor DSC04568_Fotor DSC04554_Fotor DSC04561_Fotor DSC04562_Fotor DSC04567_Fotor DSC04573_Fotor DSC04581_Fotor DSC04597_Fotor DSC04584_Fotor DSC04587_Fotor DSC04589_Fotor DSC04593_Fotor DSC04600_Fotor DSC04602_Fotor DSC04586_Fotor_Fotor_Collage DSC04608_Fotor