Barcelona – Rasoterra

If you’re looking for a great restaurant in Barcelona, here comes my bestest tip for you! Rasoterra is a vegetarian bistro located in the gothic area in Barcelona. The place is beautifully decorated and has a calm and relaxed vibe that makes you feel right at home. The friendly staff and delicious food made me want to show you this fantastic place. I will definitely go back here whenever I’m in Barcelona the next tine.

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Costa Blanca – vacation getaway

If you’re planning to escape your everyday life and go on vacation I know a great place for you. I just came back from a week in amazing Costa Blanca, the coast line just a little south of Valencia in Spain. The landscape is stunningly beautiful, the people are open and friendly and you easily fall into the calm and relaxed holiday mood. We decided to rent an airbnb apartment in Javea, and from there travel around with car to the nearby beaches and villages. We visited Denia, Altea, Mascarat and Calp and from all these places our favorite village was Altea. This old beautiful town of white stone houses and narrow alleys invites you to slow walks around the town looking at the beautiful view. For the favorite beach I’m choosing Denia which stretches several kilometers with the finest white sand and clear blue water. Of course the sun was a bit rough for my scandinavian skin, but with a good +50 sun screen oil I was just fine and actually came back to Berlin a bit tanned. I’m going to write more about this awesome place, but please feel to ask any questions if you’re planning on going.


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Cevicheria – Berlin

Today I want to share with you a great restaurant that I tried the other day. It’s called Cevicheria and is an amazing seafood restaurant located in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Everything tasted so fresh and good and the staff was incredibly friendly. So if you are a lover of tasty seafood, I higly recommend  you try Cevicheria!

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Annetta xx

My outfit

Greetings my dear readers. Hope you are having a nice Sunday! Today I’m getting ready for going out and biking around my beautiful city. Deff one of my favourite things to do. And tonight I will be watching Germany (hopefully) win the world championship. SO EXCITED!! But first, let me show you another outfit post!

IMG_1658_Fotor IMG_1660_Fotor IMG_1661_Fotor IMG_1663_Fotor IMG_1664_Fotor IMG_1669_Fotor

What I wore:

Kimono – Zara
T-shirt – Topshop
Skirt – h&m
Sandals – Birkenstock
Nekclaces – & Other Stories
Handbag – & Other Stories

Annetta xx

Rainy weather outfit

I don’t know about you guys, but we’ve had a really weird and unpredictable weather here in Berlin lately. Up to 30 degrees hot, rain and storm! So the other day I got to wear my amazing transparent raincoat bought from 19Birds. Remember my rubber rain boots? The idea was to wear them together as a full set, however, rubber and 30 degrees don’t go that well together. I chose my sneakers instead and with that my Cheap Monday jeans and VEKTOR blouse which is a new Berlin based brand I just discovered. Love it so much and will definitely get back to you on them at a later point. Enjoy your Friday!

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